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drabble365days's Journal

Drabble 365 days
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Welcome to drabble365days!
Welcome to drabble365days!! This is a writing challenge community where you claim a show/ movie/ pairing/ character. Each day one theme is posted and you are to write a drabble for your claim based on the theme that is posted and then post it in the theme's post for that day. The goal is to get 100 drabbles written!

- You can claim any show/character/pairing/Original characters!
- RPF and original characters/pairings are accepted!

1. Before doing anything please read the FAQ.
2. If you'd like to join in, please go to the claims post and sign up for a character/pairing/show!
3. After you are approved feel free to jump on in!
4. Be sure to grab a table at the table post to post your fics!
5. Each day a theme will be posted and you have 48 hours from when the theme is posted to submit a drabble to that post.
6. After the 48 hours are up, the theme will be closed and you can no longer submit a drabble to that post.
7. You have 365 days to complete your drabbles, but feel free to make them in less time.
8. You can either post your fic directly to the theme's post OR you can post on your journal and link back to the theme's post. I ask that you keep the drabbles that you post directly to the themes post PG/PG-13. Anything that you'd give a warning for (rape, dub-con, explicit sex, graphic violence, ncest/sibling passionate kissing, etc) I ask that you NOT post directly to the themes post and instead post on your journal with the link AND include a warning!
9. Your drabbles should be around 100-300 words! (A little bit more/less than that is fine!)
10. Above all respect your fellow writers and have fun!

Updated: April 07, 2011
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